How To Light Pilot Light On Valor Gas Fireplace References

How To Light Pilot Light On Valor Gas Fireplace References. My pilot light will not stay lit gas fireplace gas. Then, locate the thermocouple, which is next to the pilot light.

Gas log fireplace repair tips. SO HELPFUL. This link is
Gas log fireplace repair tips. SO HELPFUL. This link is from

A pilot light is a small flame that is kept alight using a steady, small stream of gas. The pilot, found as part of the ignition, can often be seen when looking down from above within the firebox or below through the control area. The pilot light in a gas fireplace is typically found adjacent to the main burner, below the fireplace media such as logs or coals.

Now, Use A Can Of Air Pressure Gently To Remove Dirt, Dust, And Debris.

Once the pilot is lit, continue to hold the valve knob in for 60 seconds, then slowly release. Do you know the model of your valor fireplace? Using the valor wall switch press the down button.

The First Time, I Called Cps And The Technician Came And Relit The Pilot Light.

How long has this been going on with your valor fireplace? Open the oven door and look for a “pilot light” label printed somewhere inside. When the pilot light goes out, usually the cause is something you can solve easily.

Using The Remote, Hold The Small Flame Button Until The Flame Goes Out.

Push in the pilot knob, which manually sends gas into the system. Your pilot light will remain on and allow you to easily start up your fireplace at a later date. Pull the match or light away when the burner lights.

This Continuous Flame Is Necessary To Light Large Burners Such As Those Found In Gas Fireplaces.

A standing pilot is always on, always using a small amount of gas to run constantly unless the gas is physically turned off. Answer electronic ignition is when the pilot light on a gas fireplace/insert/stove is only running when the fireplace is on, this means that the unit is likely to have a battery backup as well. This makes the fireplace easy to start when it's cold outside, but during the warm seasons when you aren't using the fireplace, it's a good idea to shut off the pilot to conserve gas.

Turn The Knob From The “Off” To The “Pilot” Position.

Push the igniter button once every second until it lights. If the pilot light does not engage on the first try, you may have to hold down the knob long enough to purge the air out of the gas line. Keep trying periodically to light the pilot light.

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